Soul curriculum
(child special - $150)
Understand energies channeled through your children to help maximize their potential,
better understand the role your children play within the family and lessons they are here to learn/give.
The curriculum will include:
-Your child's soul age
-His/her soul lessons (including patterns expected during childhood)
- What positive qualities your children are given to get through their life lessons (qualities you can encourage them to use to get through the lessons with maximum ease)
- Their negative/dark qualities (these are like a shortcut and can be alluring, when you are aware of them, it's easier to help your child avoid these traps)
- What they did in their past lifetime that might affect them now
- Their key life stages and what's important during each phase
- Their family mission (their role in the context of the lineage, your family)
- Their social mission (what they are here to do for the world)
- Obstacles (their strongest fears, things that prevent them from moving forward and maximizing their potential)
- Their happiness zone (they can exit stress, discomfort, illness through this zone; their strongest health is here)
- Custom affirmation for your child.

=20-25 pages that will help your children thrive.
Child Special: $150 (for your children who are younger than 18)
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You'll receive a multi-page pdf document (approx. 23-29 pages) within 2 weeks via email.
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